Box After Box of Mariage Freres Tea

20111006-080458.jpg Our Fall shipment of Mariage Freres tea arrived from France yesterday. I am always delighted to see the boxes arrive after they have taken an Air France flight direct from Paris. We received over 1400 tins and boxes of muslin bags for your sipping enjoyment. The tea has gained a somewhat cult following–it is always fun to spot the iconic black tin in stylish homes when I am leafing thru design magazines. It really is amazing tea! We stock 12 varieties, in both loose and bagged. In a past issue of House Beautiful, they asked me what my favorite host/hostess gift to give was, and I said a tin of Mariage Freres would have to be it.


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  1. My partner and I are completely in love with Wedding Imperial from Mariage Freres. We buy one tin a year for ourselves, to celebrate the day I took my partner’s last name as my own (a wedding like day for us). We savor it on special occasions throughout the year, and are always out by the time the anniversary comes around again!

    One of our favorite things about visiting Watson & Kennedy is smelling all the different Mariage Freres you have on display. It’s part of what makes the store a sensual delight, offering as much for the nose as for the eyes.

  2. I love that you buy a tin each year on your anniversary. It is stories like that, that make doing what I do so incredibly special. Thank you so much for sharing that. Please introduce yourself when you are next in the shop. I have a little treat for you. Ted

  3. Mr. W., with little blurbs such as the above, you are making it increasingly difficult to think I can shop via mail only! Good tea is indeed a treasure.

    PS-congrats to A Alesandrini et partner-hearing true life love stories about anniversaries and meetings etc. is such fun

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