Collected Quotations

20121006-073312.jpg A very sweet little journal “to record and remember words of wisdom” as the front of the book states. Broken down by sections like literature, songs & poems, and speeches–this book/journal would fit neatly inside a purse or valise. Just right for jotting down a quote when you see or hear one you like. Being a lover of quotes, I think this is just a perfect little gift.

Happy, happy Saturday to each and every one of you. Thank you, always, for reading. TKW


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  1. Brilliant! I can retire my tattered and tired little spiral notebook.

  2. Such a sweet little journal. Mary, did your parcel arrive safe & sound? Ted

  3. It did, indeed, sir! Should have a note on your doorstep soon. :o)

  4. I don’t know why the little emoticon looks surprised. He was supposed to be smiling. I know I am!

  5. Yayyyyyy! So happy you liked. Enjoy, Ted

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