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20121011-050143.jpg It has been 2 solid days of non-stop display work, so by now you all know, I have been in complete heaven. While Nicole, Sarah & Mihae unpacked boxes and priced the copious amount of goods that arrived in the last few days, Heather and I took apart the old window displays and put a fresh spin on them.

20121011-050628.jpg I have been finding tons of old vintage photos on my buying adventures and really wanted to incorporate them into one of the windows. Now was the time. We used the black headed push pins that have numbers on them that we sell and I created a photo collage with the old photos. Kind of a photo wallpaper.

20121011-050921.jpg From there we start pulling things from the shop floor that has a similar vibe. The black and white photos of the horse show I found on our last trip to New York. They would be perfect in the ‘photo’ window, as well as old cameras and other vintage-y preppy stuff. The tiny white pumpkin an ode to the season.

20121011-051258.jpg Once done with the first window we worked our way over to the second. I am still crazy about the vintage maps we used in the previous window, so those stayed and became the wallpaper to this window setting. I really wanted this to be an earthy, natural window.

20121011-051527.jpg This set of vintage European amber apothecary bottles makes me weak in the knees. Seriously. They would be what I wanted the entire window based around. This collection becomes a piece of art when grouped together.

20121011-051800.jpg From there we just start pulling what we think works. It is a bit of a treasure hunt, but incredibly fun. I think windows should make you stop and think a bit. Be a tad clever, and make you look at each element, but have all the elements work together. A collective whole. Once done, it was then onto sprucing up the shop and weaving in all the new product that has arrived in the last few days. As I said above, pure heaven.

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  1. Looks wonderful, Ted, wish I was standing on the outside looking in 🙂

  2. Hi Suzie–thank you! Ted

  3. You know I am fan of your window designs. These are, as per usual, wonderful! It is silly crazy how much the WK style reflects my own favorites. “Collected Quotations” arrived in the post today and it is perfect. I will be spending the weekend transferring all my favorites from my tired little spiral notebook into my spiffy new book. I am so glad you found these little gems and shared them.

  4. Hi Mary. So happy you like the windows. You will adore your new quote book/journal AND I loved my note:) Bestest, always, Ted

  5. Wendi McGlamery

    your store is pure heaven! i stumbled across last november while visiting Seattle for a wedding. We were having a post wedding breakfast at the hotel next door and I could have spent the day in your store. Love it!

  6. Is that a Dunes & Duchess candelabra on the side? Gorgeous window! Love the photos and the antique feeling.

  7. Ted,
    Another small world story. I was at our beach/tennis club for a gathering last night and the head of our board told me they had just been in Seattle. Their son is recently engaged and lives there. I told him about your shops…and he said that he was pretty sure he had just been by there….they had been at Fado? Anyway…he said he had wanted to stop in but it was too late and he mentioned tennis racquets in the window (which I see above!!!!) and of course I had to tell him about your tennis background.

    He’ll be stopping in next time they are in town…his name is Tom. Love these little connections!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  8. Hi Marcy! Hope you are well. Great eye. Yes indeedy, that is a Dunes and Duchess piece. I adore their work. Also just the nicest folks. Just like you:). Glad you liked the windows. xx, Ted

  9. Hi Wendi. Thank you for such a lovely comment! Hope to see you on your next Seattle trip, Ted

  10. Hello darling Elizabeth. I love those small wood stories. Fado is an Irish pub just a few blocks away from the First Avenue shop. It is also in the same building where Mister Sive has his office. I will look for him on their next visit out to Seattle. Happy you liked the windows. They were such fun to work on. I have been finding the coolest old wood rackets and I love having them around in the displays. A melding of my past & present. sending much love, Ted

  11. Hi Ted,

    I LOVE the folding aluminum camp table. For sale?



  12. Hi Bonnie! The one in the photo is a console table and is $750. We also have a killer dining table that looks the same, only bigger, that breaks down and it is $1250. Bestest, Ted

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