It Just Takes One

20131230-085349.jpg By now, fabulous readers, you have certainly picked up on how much importance I give to flowers in our everyday life. I think they add so much brightness and energy to a room, as well to the inhabitants of said room. Us. A huge bouquet is fabulous, but not necessary. I had a single white tulip place in an old jam jar by my bedside at WestWard, and it brightened me each time I was in the room and glanced at it. As we head into a new year, I want to be reminded that the simplest of things can be just as grand as the grand.

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  1. The beauty of a single bloom can be quite special, particularly at the beginning of the day. I’ve just read your post with great joy….pups in my lap, wrapped in a blanket, with nine seed catalogues that have just arrived. Happiness reigns! The promise of beautiful blooms for 2014……..can’t wait!

  2. So true. It takes some experience to figure that simple wisdom out. xo

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