Hawthorne in the Cold & Snow

20140105-070100.jpg We are counting the days until we venture to New York at the end of the month and spend time at Hawthorne. We received a round of images from Bill, our caretaker extraordinaire, and it just looks so peaceful in all that snow. The white house just blending in so sweetly. For those of us longing for snow, here are a few more shots. For those of you living with tons of snow, forgive me.




20140105-070904.jpg A plowed driveway is always a lovely sight. Bill, thanks for the photos and for the plowed driveway!

A restful Sunday to you all in your part of the world–whether that means snow or no snow. Enjoy!
Snowless in Seattle, Ted

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  1. Just beautiful! Anxious to see what you do with that WONDERFUL sunroom…… Happy New Year!

  2. Don’t be surprised if I welcome you at the door! I would LOVE to live in this lovely grande dame, she’s a beauty! I am also waiting for the quietness and tranquility snow brings.

  3. pretty pink tulips

    Hawthorne looks beautiful, Ted!!!! The snow has melted in Rye, which is a bit surreal. We’ve had the range of weather this winter. Snow actually makes everything look more beautiful in winter (my opinion)!

    I also love the approach to the house…you can tell that it will be wonderful no matter the season!

    On a more somber note, my heartfelt sympathies on the death of your friend, Whitney. I love that tulips were her favorite and I know she was honored by your gift of flowers and Ted’s gift of words and memories.

    much love,

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