Fresh Windows with a Valentine Twist

20140119-090639.jpg I think of doing a window at the shop much like I think of moving things around at home. Sometimes it is a major re-do, other times it is a quick refresh. We kept all the bones or major pieces intact from the Holiday windows, refreshing product with pinks and reds. The pink paper lanterns adding a pink punch to one of the spaces. First time I have ever used these, and I quite like them. They instantly add color.

20140119-091126.jpg We placed cut-out paper hearts made from vintage sheet music and old book pages here and there. The red paper snowflakes we had hanging in the shop for Christmas became flowers on top of gorgeous candlesticks. A quick re-do to move us onto Valentine’s Day.


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  1. So love seeing your windows. This made me smile this morning.

  2. wonderfully creative and beautiful, as usual.

  3. Another beautiful post. Love the window. So true there is beauty swirling all around us! Your blog is amazing!!!!!

  4. What a brilliant and beautiful transition. Hoping to slip down there soon.

  5. Love Valentine’s and was so happy to be able to come to the store during this season. It was so much fun and a visual treat as usual!

    Much love!

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