Studio Tour of Artist Denise Fiedler

20140129-111453.jpg My warm & sunny San Francisco trip seems like a distant memory as I am surrounded by snow and a zero degree temp, but it was really only a week ago. Aside from buying at the food show, I was also able to fit in a visit to one of my favorite artists we carry at Watson Kennedy, Denise Fiedler. Her collage work using vintage paper creating cut-out pieces that are just whimsical & wonderful, are some of my favorite things we carry. I have known Denise since my showroom days, but it was fun to see her work space, get to see her in action with her scissors, and just get to know her a bit better. Her warm and witty personality shines through in her work as well as her work space. Housed in the historic Sentinel Building, her studio is filled with ephemera and vignettes that just filled my heart with detailed joy. Here is a look, in no certain order–of her space, the building, and Denise working on a piece for her Spring collection.














20140129-113109.jpg Hope you enjoyed the little snippets of the space. Thank you so much Denise, for showing me your studio and letting me click away the images. Such a visual treat.

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  1. pretty pink tulips

    I have admired Denise’s work ever since I first saw them highlighted in your shop. And, to see her space in San Fran (where I truly left my heart b/c we didn’t live there nearly long enough…love that city) and the tools of her trade make me even more desirous of eventually owning one of her works.

    xx e

  2. This post just makes my heart sing! Paper art = love.

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