Grocery Store Flowers

20140130-070021.jpg Fresh flowers hold such importance to me, and when it is chilly outside, that importance grows. They just add such a spark of life & color to a room. On our last visit we were not finding many places selling flowers. Actually, we did not find a one. Bill, our handy dandy all-knowing caretaker directed us to a grocer in Hudson that has a really pretty spectacular floral section. We were off and running! You know my delight when I spotted a big bundle of white tulips. I scattered them around the house in single stem containers to spread the tulip happiness.


20140130-070704.jpg Lilies for the living room corner to give the room that lily scent I just adore. They will really end up scenting the whole house once they are all fully open.

20140130-070840.jpg And a big hydrangea head in the bathroom to give a hit of color and life. I really like flowers in the bathroom so you can really enjoy the bloom as you are getting ready for the day.

All just very simply done, all from the latest grocery store visit. Huge enjoyment for not a lotta dough–to be enjoyed by guests and us this week.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the tulip happiness with us!

  2. pretty pink tulips

    Gorgeous! Love every single detail…and especially those tulips! xx e

  3. This has really inspired me to grab a bundle of blooms on our weekly visit to Trader Joe’s! Fresh flowers are so helpful in combating that mild winter depression we seem to experience in the PNW!

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