20140217-080118.jpg Oh dear readers, it has been so helpful & lovely to have you along for the healing process of the passing of one of our very dearest friends/framily, Whitney. Your kind words in person and via e-mail have been so welcome and most helpful. Last evening we spent the most magical eve sitting in our living room in town with her sister Jennifer, who was up from Portland. Sharing stories and sharing glasses of Veuve, just as we did when our dear Whitney was among us. What comfort that brought. Life is just so very interesting with all of its twists and turns and connections–I am reminded of this fact each passing day. We have met her sister over the years, but we have really gotten to know her these last months going through this experience together. To hear her stories and for her to hear ours, was just a healthy tonic towards healing. The ‘W’ etched stone a gift from her that was a gift from the company that Whitney had spent her professional career with. It will hold a special place of honor in our home. I am actually sitting in my favorite leather club chair composing this post shortly after Jenny has left to catch her flight back to PDX. I rarely write my posts in advance, but writing this now just felt right. I had lit the votive candles that I had put on each of the window sills where I had placed them for a party we were to host on December 31 where Whitney was to be a guest. We called the party off just days before when we found out how sick she had become. They have remained there since. Unlit, just waiting for the right time. Tonight was the night. Having them lit just warms me and just makes me think of her. Her warmth, her light. The heavy rain hitting the windows creating a sort of natural music while the candles flicker about, I am transported. She is with us. Just in a different way. Oh how good it felt to see her sister gesture a certain way. Just as Whitney would have. To tell a witty story as she would have. It all felt so good. She would have loved every second of it all…

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  1. Jerri Ellen Wheeler

    I wish I had friends like you. Whitney was a fortunate lady!

  2. So beautifully said Ted. Thank you for sharing your life and honest thoughts with your readers. Losing someone we love is so difficult. There is peace and grace in this short post. Thank you for reminding us that they are still with us.

  3. Dear Ted –

    Oh that we would all be as loved by our friends as your Whitney was!


  4. How very lovely.

  5. It has felt like you have been going thru something very sad…I hope that you feel the comfort of your readers and shoppers. I can’t imagine the pain of the healing process…Wishing you comfort.

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