Jumping for Joy

20140221-075157.jpg I received my advanced copy of my book yesterday. It is now feeling quite real. When I sat with my friends Catherine, Rise’ and Linda at Brasserie Les Halles in New York in early November after picking up a color copy of the book from my editor at Sterling, they were all surprised I was not more ecstatic. As we sat sipping celebratory Veuve looking through the pages, of course I was happy. But as I told them, when I hold the finished product in my hands, then it will all seem real. Then I will jump for joy. The process and life of a book is quite long. As a small business owner, patience is not my strong suit–you just have limited time to get things done. The process of a book involves so many folks over a good span of time. I started referring to it all as, “rush, rush, wait, wait.” By the time the book officially comes out on May 6th, it will be 2 years almost to the day since I made my book proposal. So when I opened up that FedEx box yesterday, it finally all felt so real. I could not be happier with all of it. I jumped for joy! I love the size, I love the paper chosen for the pages, I love the linen textured cover, I love the white de-bossed title. So much time went into planning & thinking about it all, then writing it, then styling the vignettes, then photographing it all, then laying out and planning all the pages. It is just how I had hoped it would be.

2 things. You can pre-order the book on Amazon, and you can pre-order one from Watson Kennedy. It will be on the WK website in the coming days. May 6th we will be having a big book signing party at the First Avenue shop. Veuve Clicquot will be one of the sponsors of the event. Tons more details to follow, but I wanted to give you all a heads up. Then book tour spots and dates will be announced. Such an exciting, fun, busy time! I love that you are all with me for this journey.
XX, Ted


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  1. Jerri Ellen Wheeler

    If I pre-order from WK, will it be autographed? That would make the book extra special!

  2. It does not seem like two years ago when you first began your book adventure and shared it with us! That your efforts have come to fruition is beyond wonderful. Such a journey for you. I know it will be treasured by all fortunate enough to receive one. Congratulations, Mr. W!

  3. Having been on this journey myself, I know how endless the birthing process of a book can feel. Congratulations. It looks beautiful.. I cannot wait to get my copy.
    XO, Victoria

  4. thrilling, congratulations!!
    as a small biz owner too, this is my dream but cannot carve out the time. cannot wait to watch this journey unfold for you. two questions ted. are you selling wholesale for other retailers to carry? and any chance of coming through the chicago area on your tour?

    enjoy this magical time!

  5. Ted, Congratulations!
    It’s love at first sight for me!
    I hope to visit on May 6th for a signed copy!

  6. Hey Ted, I MUST have a copy! Consider this my pre-order and let me know how to pay for it. Please sign it for me!!

    Jennifer Monroe

  7. Ted,

    I cannot wait to get my copy of your book! Your blog is my favorite escape from the workday. Will your tour include any stops in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? If not, can we order a signed copy from the store?

    Thank you!

  8. So incredibly excited for you…what a journey, like a birth I am sure! So looking forward to your tour and the debut of your book! Cheers!

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