Well Stocked Mariage Freres Tea Shelves

20140301-065454.jpg This ends up being well-travelled tea. We import Mariage Freres directly from the company in Paris. It is so interesting because I get alerts along the way after I place my order–when it has been packed, what flight the boxes are on, when the flight has landed, when it clears customs, when it will be delivered to the shop.

20140301-065814.jpg The minute the huge boxes are brought into the shop you start smelling how good it all is. Then we start opening up the big boxes, and there is just a symphony of scents wafting through the air. I love tea arrival day. The shelves once again fully-stocked with fresh tea.


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  1. French Breakfast, one of my long time favorites!

  2. Patricia Flournoy

    why don’t we have a store like yours in Williamsburg? A treasure!

  3. You are so kind! Thank you, Ted

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