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20140323-095738.jpg The April issue of Elle Decor arrived the other day and it is just packed with design inspiration. There is also a feature included that is one of the better I have seen in quite awhile–taking my breath away for a second. It is a converted train station in the Hudson Valley (our new neck of the woods) belonging to the uber talented Federico de Vera. I first met Federico in his first shop almost 20 years ago in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. The moment I walked into the space I knew I was in for a treat. He has gone on to great success with his shops, opening one in New York City years back that to this day is one of the coolest spaces I have ever been in. So it came as no surprise when I first laid eyes on this feature, I was equally blown away. He is a master at mixing periods and styles, creating a uniquely personal space. Creating the de Vera style he has become so well-known for. Such a treat. I think you will like seeing it. As I said, the whole issue is pretty swell.

Happy Sunday all.

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  1. Christy Bishop Cricow

    Yes, that converted train station was almost unutterably beautiful. Brings out every envious, covetous fiber in my being. Not necessarily good traits, but purely enjoyable ones!

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