OOLA Chili Pepper Vodka

20140326-072600.jpg Instead of Wine Wednesday, I thought I would put a little spin on it and make it Cocktail Wednesday for today. Has a nice ring to it, right? OOLA is a local Seattle distillery who has garnered acclaim nationally for stellar small batch gin, vodka, and bourbon whiskey. We were given a bottle of their chili pepper vodka as a gift during the Holidays, and I really wanted to see how much extra kick it would add to my Sunday Bloody Mary. Answer. Quite a bit. I have been playing around with the ratio, I know, tough job. What I have come up with is equal parts of the OOLA pepper vodka with equal parts regular vodka, and it is just perfect. Using the full amount as a shot was a bit strong for my taste, but half is spot on. It adds a deep spicy-ness to the cocktail and a little extra kick. I posted my Bloody Mary recipe ages ago, and it has been so fun having folks chat with me about how they make theirs. There are a ton of variations, which I love. If you are a Bloody fan, give this OOLA a try.


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  1. Sandra Overby-Cooper

    I am so excited to try this OOLA pepper vodka. I adore Bloody Mary’s. Will follow your suggestion of half and half in vodka’s. Thanks

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