SAVE the DATE May 6th ‘Style & Simplicity’ Book Party

20140412-065059.jpg Tuesday May 6th is the release date of my book. Just right around the corner, really. I have so loved that all of you have been along for this very sweet chapter & journey with me. I will be signing books throughout the day at the Fine Home shop on First and Spring Street. Signed copies will also be available at my shop in the Market too. We are finalizing plans this week for the party to be held that evening beginning at 5 o’clock. I just wanted to get everyone the date so if you would like to attend you have it on your calendar. I will do a full post on the specifics next week and how to sign up and reserve a spot for the party, as space is limited given the amount of room at the First Avenue shop. Twill all be lovely–so excited that the time is almost here! I hope you can join in sometime throughout the day. Details to follow…

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  1. Let me know how I can reserve a signed copy and how to pay you for it. This is just so long overdue for you my friend!!! I hope to own your complete design ‘library’ as the years go by 🙂


  2. Hello darling! All set on the WK website to order so click away and one will soon be on the way. Hope you like! XX, Ted

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