Flats of Pelargonium aka Scented Geranium

20140416-055944.jpg They have arrived! I am seeing stellar assortments of scented geranium showing up at garden shops and this always thrills me to no end. I have written much about my love of scented geraniums, and I still get a rush of happiness when I see flats of them. They are such happy plants, doing well inside and out. We have them in pots lining the platform for the outdoor shower at WestWard, as well as a huge galvanized tub of them next to the crushed hazelnut lined courtyard by the treehouse. Mister Sive was busy planting away this week-end with all the gems we found at DIG on Sunday. Not only will they be pretty where they are, but they will provide us with clippings all throughout the Summer and Fall that I like to use in flower arrangements and single stem vases. The scented leaves are just little works of art. We also have a few pots in town that I like to use on the dining table. They truly are such versatile plants.




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  1. Hi Ted – I just wanted to say that I so much enjoy following your blog and your IG. I love your photos and your stories and they are my morning ‘treat’ as I start each day. And I so look forward to one day visiting one of your lovely shops when we plan a trip West to visit family. All the very best to you!

  2. Hi Ted, Do you receive these via mail order? Try (and I have tried) as I might I can’t source these wonders in the Denver area. I can normally find a citrus variety and every few seasons I might get lucky with a rose scented variety but I want more! If they come from a trusted mail order site could you share that info?

  3. Hi Julie. Try e-mailing DIG on Vashon Island and tell Sylvia I sent you. I don’t think she can ship any but maybe she has a source she would share. I have heard you concern for lack of them from tons of folks in other parts of the country too. Was so fab to see O for even a few moments a few weeks ago!!! Sending love, Ted

  4. So sweet of you! Thank you. So very happy you like. Ted

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