The Weekender + An Amazon No. 1 Spot

I will be signing my book tomorrow eve in Bremerton during their Art Walk at The Weekender, from 5 to 8. The Weekender is a shop owned by my friend Jodi Davis and her mom Nancy. I have known both ladies forever, dating back to my wholesale showroom days, so I excitedly jumped at the chance when they asked me if I would come over and sign books. I will give a full report on their shop upon my return, but I am sure it is insanely cool as they both have a great eye. They are also amazing vintage-ers, so I am sure many fab finds sprinkle the space. If you are in the area or are looking for a fun Friday night activity, hope to see you there. Jodi and her talented chef husband Alan also own Scout Café and Honor Bar close to the shop so stop in for a coffee, a cocktail or a bite that evening or sometime when you are in Bremerton.

A little tid-bit I must share as it thoroughly made my day on Wednesday was that Style & Simplicity hit the number one spot in sales on Amazon in the “Interior Decorating” section. I also found out that day from my publisher that the book is already going into its second printing! It was a happy day indeed. Truly, thanks to any and all of you who have bought a book or books/spread the word about it. It is off to a grand start after less than a month since it was first released, and there are many more signings & fun things in the future/in the works.


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  1. A huge congratulations Ted! Very exciting news for you and your book! Bravo!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Wonderful news, Mr. W! My first edition is now a collector’s book!

  3. Hi Ted, I have just discovered your wonderful blog and your book has just been delivered to me from Amazon. Congratulations on your No. 1 spot – well deserved as you provide such a beacon of positivity and beauty in a world that sometimes focuses on only the negative. I am spreading the word about your book to all my friends in Sydney, Australia. Amazing how far your book has travelled 🙂

  4. Lisa, you just made my day! Thank you for those incredibly kind words. So happy you are enjoying both the blog and the book–and thanks for spreading the word about the book too! Bestest, Ted

  5. CONGRATS on the #1 place on Amazon! It’s an amazing little book that I’ve picked up a couple of times just to get me into a better “happy” space on days that I’m not sure what home project to tackle next! And I love to use it open to particular pages in my front hall decorated space – right now, it’s open to Flea Markets and sitting next to my vintage blue Olivetti typewriter….though it makes me want to go to a big flea market NOW every time I look at it!

  6. Ted, it’s no surprise to me that Style & Simplicity is #1!
    I bought my first copy on “pre-sale”, and have purchased four more copies since! I have a copy on our coffee table and I carry “S&S” in my French market tote for the perfect gift~ impromptu! I have two copies more on order from Amazon…”prĂŞt Ă  donner”!

  7. That made me so happy to read! Thank you, Ted

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