Kale, Sweet Peas & Peonies

20140610-074339.jpg Buying beautiful produce and flowers should be enjoyed every moment after you get it home. Or in this case, work. I shot this the week-end before last at the Market shop moments after I put things in vases to be enjoyed by all as soon as I opened the shop at 10. My point with all of this is when we are buying flowers and produce we are spending a bit of change on it, so we want to get as much enjoyment out of it as we can. Creating a little still-life of sorts while we unpack our other groceries or do a few chores lengthens the time we get to enjoy all this pretty stuff. I find kale to be such a hearty green that it can easily sit out for part of the day before it is refrigerated. The sweet peas and peonies looking so sweet snuggled up to one another. The kale visually pulling out all of the green from the other two. A happy trio to be enjoyed by all until lunch came around and the kale was called into action.

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  1. How beautiful…peonies are my favourite! I just received your book today and absolutely love it! I am a NW gal currently living in NYC…and your book made me feel like I was back home again! I remember your shop well from my days living in Seattle! Best to you…!

  2. Sooooo happy you are enjoying the book! Best, Ted

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