Aromatic Rosemary & Lavender Savory Salts

20140627-070812.jpg Just in time for Summer grilling, aromatic rosemary & lavender savory salts. Simply sprinkle this salt on meats, fish or vegetables before baking or grilling for a quick and easy way to add flavor to a dish. The combo of lavender and rosemary sort of Summer in a bottle. Plus the bottle is cool too! I love these little Weck jars with the metal clips. Once you have used the salts up, the jars are the perfect vessel for whipping up a vinaigrette in–come to think of it, these savory salts would be pretty fabulous added to a vinaigrette to add a serious burst of flavor. And last but not least, these make one heck of a swell gift. Your host/hostess will be quite happy they invited you…

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  1. Can these be purchased online?

  2. Please give us a call at 206.652.8350 and we let you know if we have stock and can take your order for you and ship things right out. Best, Ted

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