20140720-083217.jpg Ahhhh, Summer. Or Summmaaa as I have started to call it. Bountiful. Colorful. Insert whatever summery word suits you. The Market yesterday was a riot of color. The yellows really catching my eye the most.

20140720-083528.jpg So saturated. I am a big yellow fan, but Summer is when it pops the most with all the great light.

20140720-083702.jpg Bountiful indeed. Just buckets & buckets of color.

20140720-083805.jpg I had this image on my Instagram feed yesterday, saying I could photograph tomatoes every day in this season. They are just such perfectly perfect things to capture. And eat!

20140720-084013.jpg And my oh my, the dahlias. Each week I am seeing more and more. The variety is what I find most captivating about them. So many different shapes, sizes and colors. Just happiness packed into a flower.

I have written about this a bit before, but I would like to say a few words again. I have always wanted to have my daily blog post be a bright spot in your day. Keeping it upbeat and positive is incredibly important to me. This is how I try and live my life each day. There can be so much darkness in the world. The horrific event that happened the other day has me teary just typing this. My heart just aches for the families who lost loved ones on that flight. I sometimes feel funny posting such light things after such a tragedy. Please know these events affect me greatly, but I feel we must not let that darkness overshadow or overcome all the good there is in the world. Not by sticking our head in the sand, but rather by staying positive and not letting events like these overcome us.

So I will focus on the beauty of the day. There is so much of it around us.
With much love,

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  1. Amen Ted Amen!

  2. It makes me so happy to read your posts each day. The world is crazy, more than ever it seems but if we all look at the beauty around us we would find more peace. Thank you Ted for your posts. Love them.

  3. Thanks for being a beautiful, bright spot in my day. I recently found your blog after reading your book. You are most definitely right – amidst all the daily tragedy that we are subjected to we need to be reminded of the hope and beauty that exists in this world.

  4. Perfect sentiment

  5. I think it’s important to stay as upbeat and happy as possible every day. There is so much wrong in the world and so much unhappiness. Your blog is a reminder that we have to stay positive and live our lives as best as we can. There IS beauty around us. We need to focus on that and not the daily headlines if we’re to remain sane. Keep up your lovely blog and IG, Ted. You have a whole community who loves to see your photos and read your thoughts every day!

  6. I started reading your blog a few weeks ago, after a girlfriend and I were raving about your shop. I will tell you, your words and photo’s do exactly what you want them to, for me! They are indeed a bright spot and inspiration to take in the beauty all around us each day! So much so, that after your grocery store hydrangea story (which I loved), I went right outside and clipped some beautiful blue hydrangea’s from my garden, and put them in vintage glass bottles all around my house! So Summmmaaa on! You bring much JOY!

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