A Table in Red

20140727-075311.jpg Last Sunday was a bit overcast and a tad chilly, so the color red seemed to be calling me when I set the table. The linen tablecloth had been folded up, so I liken it to a linen suit in how wrinkled it looked. Fitting for the season. With an iron nowhere to be found, wrinkly it would be. I think that is where age mellows you. 15 years ago it would have unsettled me a bit. Now I embrace the wrinkles. Insert big smile.



20140727-075850.jpg You know I always like to try and add something vintage or a bit of ephemera to the table. It just adds visual interest. I like the thought of someone thinking/asking, “Why in the heck is there a pool ball on the table?” which gets the conversation rolling. The red dahlias dancing about the table in much the same way the white dahlias did the Sunday before. The red adding such warmth on a cool day. All set for friends and laughter and an outdoor supper.


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  1. Thank you for these daily bits of joie de vivre!!

  2. I am so inspired by your wonderful table settings Ted. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. Good morning Ted, safe travels to Las Vegas today! I am taking some advice from yourself and going to lean into the color red in hopes of heating things up here today. It has rained all day and night…. Something that I do not actually know what to do with as we are not known to be wet and humid here in Colorado. I thought the Seattle folks could help me out today, so red is the tablescape of the day. Thanks. Sharon.

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