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20140729-074347.jpg Every once in awhile a magazine cover will just stop me in my tracks. This current issue of Martha Stewart Living did just that. What a beautifully visual tableau, right down to the bits of basil strewn about. The issue is pretty stellar, as well. It has been part of my reading this week-end. The home of designers Roman and Williams in Montauk was a special treat. Each issue is always filled with so many recipes and ideas on every page I find myself making notes and pulling out pages for reminders. I find design/food magazines to be such an inspiration. Some might say print is dead, but I could not disagree more. I still always feel that bit of glee when I reach into the mailbox and pull out the newest issue of the slew of magazines we receive each month.

A happy Tuesday to you in your neck of the woods.
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  1. Ted, I could not agree more – I love receiving magazines monthly. I know you’ve photographed some in the past, but what are your favorite subscriptions?


  2. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    I live in constant fear of the demise of the paper and ink magazine! I am an admitted magazine junky, and if magazines go the way of the dinosaur, I do not know what I will do.

  3. Totally agree.

    I have a little collection of magazines, and I know what’s in them just from their covers.

  4. Judy from Fort Worth

    You know what was really lovely? The tributes Martha made to her much-too-soon departed sister, Laura. I have followed Martha from the beginning – actually have several letter responses from her! So many seem to think of her as a cold fish, but I think she was a wonderful daughter to Big Martha, and her loving words about her sister just reinforced my opinion of her character. Her Polish heritage resonates with me, as my darling father-in-law is Polish, and they are reserved and dignified, but the heart is warm. Her talents and gifts certainly cannot be denied!

  5. All perfectly put. Martha rocks! Truly, she gets a bad rap often, but she has paved away for so many creative folks. Her creativity and business savvy are inspiring.

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