A Tomato Sandwich

20140817-073859.jpg I wrote about tomato sandwiches in my book, and I have written about them before on the blog, but I still feel the need to share again because every time I have one, they make me over the moon with happiness. Tomatoes right now are just divine. A good juicy tomato is key. The juices mixing with the mayo is what makes it. 4 simple ingredients, but just make sure they are the 4 best you can get your hands on. Toast really good sourdough or hearty white bread. Slather with mayonnaise. Cut a large thick slice of tomato. Lay said tomato on top of mayo laden bread. Sprinkle top of tomato with sea salt. Let sit for a minute or two to let the salt draw out the juices. I find these few minutes to be excruciating. Big smile as I type. Waiting is not my strong suit. Once ready, find your favorite spot to sit, along with a big napkin and enjoy the heck out of that tomato sandwich.

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  1. One of our very favorite simple pleasures. We’ve been having these quite often as you’re so right – the tomatoes right now are divine!

  2. Judy from Fort Worth

    I just finished your book – FUN! We have a lot in common, judging from your alphabetic listing of delights! And growing up in Texas, then fifteen years in Pensacola, I can truly appreciate a good tomato “sammich” !

    Would love to pop into your shop one day – maybe! When I do, I’ll bring you some flowers – wish you could see my flowerbed full of pink zinnias – I get to cut a fresh bouquet every day.

    all best!

  3. My favorite sandwich (and probably the only one that I’d prefer on soft, white bread). As you noted, the tomato slice must be thick. Two thin slices just don’t taste as good. Very much enjoying TKW!

  4. Flowers are graciously accepted:)! Love it!

  5. Yum. I’m from Jacksonville, Texas known in the early 1900s as the tomato capital of the world. I’ve been blessed with several outstanding BLTs this summer. You have to see this post about another tomato sandwich:
    I so enjoy your lovely blog.

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