A Table in Blue

20140825-051609.jpg Honoring the meal continues, this time wrapped up in blue. Using what you have, is a continual theme in what I write about. In this case, sea shells we have collected on beach walks get incorporated into the table setting. This table for deux I set a few weeks ago on a sunny Sunday just for us. The table was outside on the deck facing Colvos Passage, we watched the boats sail by as we enjoyed our supper. The seashells adding just the right amount of beach-y to the table. Bottom line, if you have it, if that ‘it’ makes you happy, use it. The shells we have found over the years just bring back lovely memories. I am always so happy to use them anyway I can in a setting, big or small.




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  1. Rebecca Hively

    You continue to inspire me with your wonderful blog posts! Thank you!

  2. I love the blue and white dishes! Are they available for sale?

  3. Hi Julie! Yep, those vintage blue plates with the crowns are for sale at my shop. Give a call to 206.652.8350 and we can answer and questions or ring them up for you. They are amazing! Bestest,

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