Seriously… White Tulips

There they were. Bucket after bucket of them. Our local grocer filled with tulips. Early September. I know they are hothouse grown, but it still takes me by surprise how they are out earlier and earlier each year. Seems funny to see them when dahlias are still profuse. But ultimately I don’t really mind, as you know my tulip love runs deep. Very deep. I grabbed a few bunches of white and I was on my way. They would be just the hit the table needed–running down the middle as if they are announcing their arrival.




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  1. pretty pink tulips

    The white tulips….the tables cape. It is all divine!!! Big hugs this beautiful Friday to you!!
    xoxo E

  2. Oh my, Mr. W….tulips intermingled with Watson Kennedy magic. I am smiling!

  3. OMG – I LOVE the plates!!! Such a sucker for dish ware that mimics nature!

  4. Oh so pretty Ted! Inspirational….

  5. Gorgeous!!! May I ask the maker of those beautiful plates?

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