48 Hours at WestWard

This last full week-end of Summer we had a lovely WestWard stay out on the island. We had guests on Sunday, which we often do during this sunny season. Monday is spent resting, reading and doing a whole lot of nothing. Here are a few snapshots of the last 2 days. The thing I most like about writing the blog post each morning is it makes me super aware of the season and the time of year. If you would have asked me several years ago when the seasons start and end, I would not have been able to tell you, or it would have been a guess at best. Writing each day makes me so aware of what produce, flowers and foods are plentiful at that point of the season. We have relished our outside meals–bringing the zinc topped dining table outside in early June and slide it under the covered porch when we head back into the city during the week. I so hope you enjoyed the season in which you live. I know there are many readers in Australia and other parts of the globe who are enjoying Winter coming to a close. Wherever you are, I hope your season has been grand & memorable. Our guests on Sunday brought a very special bottle of Champagne as a host gift, with which we toasted the end of the season. Cheers!









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  1. My kind of getaway Ted! A setting in which one must relax!
    The Arts by Karena

  2. pretty pink tulips

    Glorious. Every single image is just glorious. I agree about being more aware of the seasons. It is also really fun to look back over the years and see what you were thinking of or experiencing at any given time.

    Back to work today….hope it’s a fab week at Watson Kennedy!
    xoxo E

  3. Cheers to you and that gorgeous and very special bottle of bubbly. And here’s to a happy and glorious coming Autumn!


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