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20141005-075033.jpg I really try and not play favorites, doing my best to spread the love around on my Market shopping days. But there are a handful of vendors that I always make a point to visit. Alm Hill Gardens is one that is always at the top of my list. I wrote about lemon cucumbers awhile back and I have had so many inquires as to where to find them as folks are just not finding a source. They are tough little ones to find, but Saturday mornings at the Alm Hill Gardens stall on the cobblestone at the end of Pine Street is where I have been buying them almost weekly the last few months. Tell Max Ted sent you. 3 lemon cucumbers for a buck will end up being the best dollar you have spent for the week. Their organic produce is always top notch. The little heirloom tomatoes we have been getting this past month make my mouth water typing this. Here are some other lovely things that caught my eye yesterday morning in this truly visual space of stellar produce.






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  1. Such nice photos! Lemon Cucumbers have been a favorite since I was a kid – a long time ago. My grandpa could grow ANYTHING in his garden in Whatcom County. You can also find them from Boistfort Valley Farm at the Ballard Market on Sundays – I’ve so enjoyed them this year! Hard to see summer end…with only a few more weekends of farmers markets – nice to know I can also find these at the market.

  2. Ted, I have yet to find them and they sound so good
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