My Favorite Things Today

A walk around the shop at the end of a busy day yesterday had me snapping images of brand spanking new things and some old favorites.


20141119-023430.jpg New dog leashes with a vintage vibe and a nautical flair. We bought one for Bailey a few years ago and we love it. Happy to add these to our selection.




20141119-023825.jpg Wood handled French silverware, vintage Ball jars, a pad of lovely thoughts for the year, English crackers–it really is in the mix. I try and keep things slightly mixed up so you never really know what you might find on a Watson Kennedy shopping excursion.



20141119-024307.jpg Clear glass & crystal always finds a winning spot in my heart.


20141119-024453.jpg A new round of Hugo Guinness back from the framer mixed in with some existing lovelies in vintage frames.


20141119-024656.jpg Sweet nibbles with a Holiday spin.



20141119-024850.jpg Platters and magnifiers and coupes–oh my. All things to give. Or keep.

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  1. pretty pink tulips

    So much to love here, Ted!!! It’s actually my and Grant’s 16th anniversary today, so good things were happening in 1998!!! 🙂 Happy 16 years of Watson Kennedy!

    There is a box on its way to you… have a birthday in a couple of days! I sent it to The Gainsborough, fyi. Happy, happy weekend!

    xoxo Elizabeth

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