Our Holiday at Home

20141203-042231.jpg The Holidays for us at home in town are quite centered on the shops, so we tend to decorate in a rather relaxed fashion. I always love it when folks talk to me when I am wrapping gifts at the store and say that we must really decorate ‘over the top’ which always makes me smile. Quite the opposite I tell them. Being surrounded throughout the day with goods, when I get home I just love seeing things that have special meaning to us and that we have collected over the years. Keeping it simple and low key is what we are going for to keep things as stress free as possible, while still being festive.

20141203-044323.jpg Big platters of vintage mercury glass ornaments we have picked up on our shopping excursions over the years as well as pine cones from Hawthorne. Pots of paperwhites scattered about. Our tree trimmed with ornaments we have collected since we first met mixed in with many that have been gifts from friends over the years. Tons of candles lit. Classic King FM playing Christmas music in the background. That is our Holiday time at home.


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  1. We are delighted you are listening and enjoying our KING FM Classical Christmas Channel! Bryan Lowe PD

  2. I want you to know these photos erased remnants of a not-too-good day. This is why I adore WK and family.

  3. And I ADORE you…

  4. That just tickles me that folks from my beloved Classic King FM read the blog! Thank you. A huge fan, Ted

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