The Market Tulips Have Arrived

They have arrived! On these chilly, rainy days, it is so great to be greeted by bucket after bucket of happy tulips. It is quite a site. Alm Hill Gardens, one of my very favorite growers has once again set up shop in a Market stall at the base of Pine Street. They actually started selling the tulips on the first, but yesterday was my first foray of this new year. Seeing them all just starts the day off with a creative bang.






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  1. These are gorgeous! I went to my local grocery yesterday and they had lots of tulips also! So excited, I purchased two bunches!! Wonderful post as usual Ted!

  2. Encouraging! I bought my first bunch of tulips yesterday.

  3. Such splendor! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you! Happy New year to you, Ted

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