Ornaments and Memories

20150107-073317.jpg We are taking our Christmas tree down this evening, so we took off all the ornaments last night. It was like taking a walk down memory lane. So many lovely thoughts of trips taken, sweet gifts given by friends, ornaments we gave to one another the first few years after we met, gifts from students when I taught tennis. Wrapping them in tissue and putting them in the boxes to rest until they are called into action for the next tree. We had not put up a tree in quite a few years in town, but this year’s tree filled with ornaments rekindled many memories of the past. Our Christmas trees at WestWard we just fill with lights and leave outside on the deck to be enjoyed for the season. But the ornaments really do have such a great connection to telling part of our story. Our history.

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  1. Amen! I have decorated my tree with a certain color scheme or a different look some years, but oh how I missed the ornaments that hold so many wonderful memories in our hearts!! I still used a concentration of certain colors this year, but found I could mix in most of my precious “memory ornaments ” with them! My family enjoyed our tree much more and loved the precious memories when remembering each ornament!!


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