French Candies

20150116-063206.jpg On our trips to France one of the sweet things, pun intended, are the candies we see at the little tabac corner shops. Tins and jars of sweets filled with flavors that are unusual to what you find here, like rose and bergamot. Plus the packaging is always spot on. So I snap them up whenever one of my food vendors brings them into their line. The Valentine table has been set at the Home store, so the French candies have found a good home as we head into this holiday of love. I know, it is a bit early, but it is one of my favorite holidays so I like that it gets a whole month of attention.

20150116-064144.jpg A happy Friday everyone in your part of the world.

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  1. Ted your Valentine grouping has me cheered and the candies look yummy!

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  2. I love the les Anis de Flavigny website, noting all of the candymaker’s region’s history (and accompanying soundeffects!).

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