Hyacinth and Memories of Paris

20150117-053606.jpg My memory bank is filled with amazingly vivid memories of trips to Paris. So many of those memories include flowers. The Parisians do flowers beautifully. I think in some way that is where my deep love for them began. They live with flowers each day. Often times, quite simply. One of our favorite hotels always has a big bunch on the desk right as you enter. A sure sign of stylish welcome. Most times in the Spring, they are hyacinth. Rarely do I see a hyacinth and not think of Paris. The city and its people have so deeply been on my mind–all week long I have looked at the hyacinth on the tray on the ottoman and thought of Paris. They are a kind and resilient people. They value beauty. They will come back stronger than ever.

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  1. Ted: I agree with you on your comments. Such a beautiful city. Let ‘s be kind to each other. We are all God’s children.

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