Hawthorne in House Beautiful

20150426-070641.jpg Thrilled & honored to be in House Beautiful this month. They asked me to shoot a dining table I had set at Hawthorne. What fun it all was! Pulling all the green things from around the house that have special meaning to us on a beautiful sunny day. TPS cut hydrangea from the yard. We pushed the table all the way to the window so you could see a bit of green from outside. Fun to include bits of things from Seattle, Hudson, our travels, and gifts we have received. The green leaf dish from Mary, a TKW blog reader since day one, that she sent to me in congratulations of my book. It really is a table filled with some of our most meaningful green things. The above taken from the page of the magazine. The below a clearer shot the magazine sent me after it had been cropped. House Beautiful really is one of my very favorite design magazines, so it tickles me to see a slice of Hawthorne grace the page.


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  1. WE love you and your store. Just don’t get too big that you leave us (Seattleites). LOL

  2. Kristin Johnsen

    Congrats! That is VERY cool! And of course, a beautiful, charming, relaxed setting! Happy Sunday!

  3. Looking forward to the issue featuring Hawthorne.
    Beautiful spring green table setting Ted!

  4. We will always live in Seattle! Especially after days like today:)

  5. Still reading and still loving TKW! Always have and always will.



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