Rainier Cherry LOVE

20150615-092319.jpg First off, let me explain my ‘WestWard’ moment, actually day, I had yesterday. I got so involved in being relaxed and preparing for having 3 of our nieces visit and stay overnight–that I completely forgot to write a blog post yesterday. It is the first time in over 4 years since I started writing the daily blog that I have missed a day. It was not until I just sat down in my favorite chair after making a fire just now that I even realized it. Wow, I was in a very relaxed state of mind. It was a pretty awesome day. We made paella last night, had dinner under the stars, laughed, drank rosé, told stories (they just got back from visiting their sister Caitlin in Alaska), laughed some more, and one of our nieces, Aisling, made cherry pie with Rainier cherries. Hence, the Rainier cherry love. What beautiful little golden nuggets of sweet fruit. Whether baked in a pie, eaten just as they are as a snack, nestled up next to a piece of cheese, mixed in a salad with fresh corn & arugula, the Rainier cherry is not to be missed. The season might be short, but it is so very sweet.
Until tomorrow… I promise.


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  1. Yes, missed you Ted kept checking back and hoping you were not under the weather. I would say you have an amazing track record being the first time in four years! Glad to hear you missed posting because you had such a wonderful day. But sure glad to have you back! Debbie

  2. Dear Ted,

    After your many years of dedicated and thoughtful daily posts to inspire all of your readers to use their senses to truly delight and enjoy their worlds, wherever they live on the planet, you are definitely forgiven for missing a day. You most certainly deserve to be so happily planning a special day for family that other things become irrelevant and easily forgotten. Your sweet words and gorgeous pictures make our lives so enriched. You should know how special and treasured your posts are. Thank you sincerely for your caring spirit and true desire to make our worlds more beautiful!

    The post today is so perfect with cherries being available in many areas at local markets. The cherry salad with corn and arugula sounds divine. Do you add fresh cooked or canned corn and is there anything else in the salad and what type of dressing do you use? I would love to take this dish to a potluck dinner this weekend and any other advice you could give would be much appreciated. And—-please take another day off at some point and relish your life and time as generously as you share it with us daily.


    Carol in Nashville

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