Happy Father’s Day and Start of Summer

20150621-043756.jpg A happy Father’s Day to all of the men out there reading that are celebrated on this fine day. The sweet woman who bags my groceries the other day sent me off with farewell Father’s Day wishes, which I thought was so kind, even though I don’t have children. It is just nice to have a day to reflect on our own father, whether you get to spend time with them today, speak with them by phone, or just get to bask in the memory of them. It is lovely to have a day to honor Dad. As well as ring in the official change of the season. I wish for you just the very best Summer ahead. Bought my very first dahlia of the season yesterday, which I loved the symbolism of. They are such Summer flowers, thriving in the sun & heat, producing such gorgeously creative blooms.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. As I tend the garden this morning, and anticipate the first fresh tomatoes, Dad is always with me…..
    Growing up, so many life lessons learned, digging, watering, harvesting, and of course the cooking!
    His wisdom, humility, and generosity……. He will always be my hero.

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