A Day to Remember. A Day About Love.

20150627-062812.jpg Yesterday was a hugely emotional day for me/us. I have usually steered clear of writing about politics and religion, as the topics are more than covered in the daily papers and on a continuous stream of television. But this seems so very different, so very personal. The Supreme Court decision yesterday effected us personally, greatly. To quote President Obama, “When all Americans are treated as equal, we are all more free.”

20150627-063747.jpg Yesterday made the day we got married in a little garden overlooking the Hudson River in Nyack, New York, even more meaningful. We are now afforded the same rights as all married couples throughout our country. I must admit, growing up in a small town in the Midwest, I never dreamt I would see this day. Being gay was something to hide. It was made fun of, ridiculed. The kids who were thought to be gay were taunted, bullied. I was able to hide who I was behind the success of being an athlete. My hope is that where we are headed means more acceptance for all. Our differences are what make this country so exceptional. The God that I know is one of absolute love for all. It seems so strange to read/hear about the hate focused on this, when really all it is, is just accepting love.


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  1. Well said Ted!

  2. A very special day ending a very special week, yet bittersweet as I remember, as I’m sure you do, those we lost to AIDS during that terrible decade when it seemed so out of control and the hatred and vitriol directed at gay men was so horrifying. I was a young woman coming of age in that era and lost my two friends from art school, my first landlord, and worst of all, my precious uncle — followed by so many of his friends, who I met through him and whose names, one by one over time, I’d see listed in the obituaries. Such a relentlessly sad time. It blows my mind how quickly this civil rights issue turned around and took hold, in less than my lifetime. It is incredible and joyful. I wish my beloveds, as I know you do as well, were here to see this day.

  3. Congratulations!! Wishing you many years of happiness , truth and love.

  4. Jewelry Lover

    Very well said.

  5. Hurray! So happy for you and congratulations.

  6. I feel bittersweet following this ruling. Why did it take so long to legally validate marriage between spouses? If you are married you have a spouse-end of discussion. The sweet part is that so many couples will be able to live and love openly. Dear, dear Ted, I consider you and TPS heroic in your choice to marry so many years ago. Very brave souls you both arel

    Your photo above makes me smile. Happy looks good on both of you!


  7. to the two beautiful teds …
    not only style and elegance and greatness of heart found here… but courage.
    i have followed your blog ever since a friend of mine told me about you.
    i don’t know why i have never commented. maybe i’m a little ‘celebrity struck!’
    but i have adored every post. and i have spent hours browsing in the archives… and will continue until i’ve read every one of your posts.
    i am proud and happy to have found you. and i celebrate this day with you both. love does win indeed.
    and it’s about time that it does!
    tammy james

  8. Love conquers all. Love is all. I couldn’t agree more. I was just watching President Obamas inspiring eulogy from yesterday. What a day of love, remembrance, determination to continue on the right path. Oh it gives me hope. I am so hopeful.

  9. to the two beautiful teds…
    i’ve been following your inspirational and lovely blog for awhile now. ever since a friend told me it’s a must-see.
    i’ve been browsing through your archives for hours at a time! i’m NEVER disappointed.
    i love your elegance and rustic simplicity… a perfect combination if ever there was one.
    and the two of you now celebrating a great and long lasting love! i can’t quit smiling.
    yes indeed. love wins. all i can say is… it’s about time!
    i don’t know why i haven’t commented before this. i think i’ve been a bit ‘celebrity struck’ by you!
    thank you for this wonderful blog. and for simply being you.
    tammy james

  10. Jennifer White

    Such a beautiful post .
    Thank you . When I read about you & your partner it makes me so happy that you too will enjoy the privileges all other married couples have enjoyed .
    Love did win

  11. We celebrated the SCOTUS decision on this side of the World too although as Australian’s grieved that we are atill behind you. I pray for the day my goddaughter will be able to introduce her wife at a dinner party without facing the “but you’re not *really* married” remarks. Sigh … I never know what is in the minds of these people. Fortunately Jasmyn is more pragmatic than me so they don’t cop the mouthful back they might if I was in her shoes.

    Enjoy this wonderful time in your countries history. As my grandmother was fond of saying, noone is equal until we are all equal.

    Shaz xx

  12. Those handsome smiles! Congratulations to you both…..all we need is love.

  13. As a Canadian, we have had legalized same-sex marriage for a decade. Growing up in a very diverse and fabulously varied neighbourhood in Vancouver, the very idea not being allowed to marry or live your life openly always mystified me. I am very proud of my American cousins for finally passing this legislation and doing the right thing and of the Supreme Court of your nation for being noble in this. Congrats on your lovely marriage.

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