Dancing Dahlias

20150630-070239.jpg I know the calendar might say that it is Summer, but the dahlias in the Market are my visual indicator. The whites variety being the most abundant this Saturday. They worked great atop a vintage cloth that we bought ages ago and forgot about, finding it in a drawer recently–love when that happens! I left them tall and used taller clear drinking glasses so they could do their long, leggy dance down the middle of the table.




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  1. Oh, Ted, you just kill me on the daily with your verve and joy. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful! Nothing more amazing than the visual of the dahlias at The Market. And….I could die for the striped footed bowls!

  3. Traveling to Seattle tonight from NOLA. Do you have suggestions on restaurants, bars, shops, etc? I would appreciate it as it is my very first visit.

    Thanks so much,

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