Clustered White Lilies

20150806-043545.jpg Lilies are the type of flowers one either really likes, or the scent of the blooms turns them into a ‘thumbs down’ for others. We adore the lily fragrance, often searching out a single stem when we are traveling to make our hotel room smell nice. The Market had bucket after bucket the other day so I picked up a bunch. I really wanted to use these really thick vintage bottles that are some of our very favorite. Often I will run them down the center of the table so the blooms dance about. But for these, clustering them together alongside the brass candlesticks seemed like a fun idea. Sort of like a bouquet, while still seeing the stems, which I always like. It also allows for the lily to shine solo as well as in the group. The minute we open the front door after coming home from work, the lovely lily scent greets us. Mixed with the natural warmth of August, it is intoxicating.

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  1. I know what you mean. I’m a lily over, too.

  2. LOVER, too!

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