Beautiful Works by Jeanne McKay Hartmann at Watson Kennedy

20150807-081032.jpg Incredibly excited to report that we are now showing the sublime works of Seattle artist, Jeanne McKay Hartmann. Funny how life works. Jeanne has been a customer of Watson Kennedy almost since day one. I remember seeing her smiling face pop in and do a little shopping when she worked at Nordstrom and the Market shop first opened. Fast forward to now. She is also a dear friend with my lovely friend Elizabeth who was just visiting us from Rye, New York. Elizabeth is who writes the uber stylish blog Pretty Pink Tulips. I have long admired Jeanne’s work and asked her if she would consider doing pieces for the shop. She has put together pieces that have a very WK feel–with Veuve, scented geranium, Mariage Freres tea, tulips, tomatoes, sea shells and hotel silver a prevailing theme. A few of the vignettes are from things I posted on the blog or my Instagram feed, which tickles me to no end. Oh my, I was a tad light headed when she brought them all in the other day. Truly, just incredibly special works.













20150807-082543.jpg OK, here is the skinny. These are one of a kind works, but Jeanne can paint another/more if we sell out of one, that will look very similar. I did a quick IG post yesterday and we have already sold 2 of the Veuve bottles. She is making another 6 for me. The frames are a little over 8 inches by 10 inches. Each piece sells for $295. If one interests you, shoot me an e-mail at or give us a ring during shop hours at 800.991.9361. We are thrilled & honored to have her work grace our walls, as a temporary home until they find their permanent one.


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  1. Ted, this is so special. I can’t thank you enough for the kind words and for giving my paintings a home in your beautiful store. I can’t imagine a better place for them! Truly an honor to try to capture a little bit of your point of view and bring it into these paintings – a little bit of “Style and Simplicity” to hang on the wall…

    Thanks so much for all of your support. I’m beyond thrilled! XOXO

  2. Oh my goodness! These are all so lovely and yes – they absolutely have a *very* WK feel! Ted, was Jeanne the artist who gifted you with the watercolor of the front of the 86 Pine Street shop?


  3. Hello darling Sabrina! Nope, different artist. The lovely gal who painted that for me never ended up coming back and bringing me artwork to sell. So bummed. So I have that glorious piece to always remember her by, but no others. Jeanne’s work is just sublime and we will carry for I hope ever and ever. She is such a talent. Hope you both are so swell. Hope to see you soon. XX, Ted

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