From Bucket to Table


20150824-063804.jpg It all began on Saturday at the Market with bucket after bucket of these grand dinner plate dahlias. I knew they were the ones the moment I spotted them.

20150824-063945.jpg They would make the journey to the island that eve. At least once a season this type and riotous color of dahlia makes it to WestWard. They just speak to me of late August Summer. Above them awaiting to be placed on the dining table.




20150824-064523.jpg A simple table setting where the dancing dahlias take center stage. Often I cut them quite short and have the heads just resting on top of short glasses. These wanted to be taller so I left the stems intact and cut them so the stems would be below chin level when we sat for the meal and could easily see one another. The sun setting right as Sunday supper began.


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  1. Gorgeous! I’m inspired to grow more dahlia’s in my garden next summer as I’m not able to find them in the market here in MA. Love all of your beautiful posts. Turning to them for inspiration as I get ready to host a farewell to summer al fresco dinner party (complete with many bottles of rose) this weekend 🙂

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