Giving Season Ending Thanks

20150911-064515.jpg As Summer takes its final lap, let’s all take time to reflect & relish the season and the beauty it brought forth. Caretaker extraordinaire Bill sent us an image of a Hawthorne hydrangea yesterday he had taken awhile back and I was so taken with the hearty healthiness of the leaves and the beauty of that bloom. They had been teenie tiny plants just starting out when we bought the house a few years ago. To see them flourish just makes me grateful to the season. All that sunshine, heat, rain–feeding them to grow and grow. Summer, while you are still around for a bit, we just want to give thanks for all you provided us with. You have been a memorable one, indeed.

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  1. Ted we will have summertime and then Indian Summer here in the Midwest!
    It is a miracle to watch flowers grow so abundantly!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring India Hicks!

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