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It has been a few hopping weeks and I kept getting distracted from snapping away images of our latest shop re-do at the First & Spring location. Re-do, it is such a funny word. Think rearrange, move around, re-display. You get the picture. 3 to 4 of us, five days solid, moving, thinking, sweating, laughing, sweating some more, displaying, and moving some more. Most of the 1500 feet of the back portion of the shop was re-worked, along with a few displays up front, so by the end of the week, were were tuckered out. But we are so happy with the results. It is much more open & airy with more spots to linger, which is always a huge goal of mine when thinking shop displays. It is paramount that the customer feel completely at home and if time permits, that they can linger and get lost in the shopping experience. I think what we did enhanced that experience. Here is a quick look.












20150914-111417.jpg The front section of the shop got a new “orange land” as well as the design books finding a new home, the front table getting a woody, autumnal spin and one of the front windows getting a beach-y refresh. Fun to have things mixed around all feeling fresh & new as we head into Autumn.






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  1. Oh my, oh my Mr. Ted. These are just lovely, so lovely! I used to spend a lot of time in Seattle when my son was at UW; sad to say; it’s been a couple of years since our last Seattle visit. We haven’t been to your shops … but it is on my bucket list …. at the top! Can’t wait! Thank you for the lovely images and inspiration.

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