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20150918-072624.jpg I truly burnt a piece of toast the other evening. Such is life. I laughed when it popped up out of the toaster…

Dear readers, we received some potentially not great news about our beloved Bailey. I took her in for a vet appointment and they think the bump under her front leg is a Mast cell tumor, and they want us to get a second opinion. We have a meeting on Monday with a specialist and surgeon for a second opinion as well as what options we have. My question to you all, have any of you had experience with your dog having this Mast cell type of tumor, and if so, what was your experience? Your comment on this one is so hugely appreciated. Our heads are spinning with options and we love the idea of hearing how other folks handled it.

Which leads me to enjoying life to the fullest each and every moment. Pets somehow get that concept in spades. The love they give is just enormous. This scenario we are going through is yet again another reminder to snuggle a bit longer, take the time to look into one another’s eyes, and just BE with those we love, be it 2 or 4 legged. For we know we have this moment. We have right now. Savor it.

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  1. My Gracie had a malignant mast cell tumor on her ear. She is an Englich Setter/ Yellow Lab/ German Shorthaired Pointer mix. She looks almost all Lab, but with a great figure and freckled feet from her English Setter mother. 🙂 Four years ago we found a lump on her ear lobe, and the vet biopsied it to confirm her suspicion. She needed two surgeries because the vet was trying to save as much of the ear as possible but the margins didn’t come back clean. So a second surgery was needed to be sure the cancer was all removed. As I said, that was four years ago and there has been no recurrence. Both times Gracie did very well with the surgery and the vet did such a great job, that it is barely noticeable that her ears no longer match. Good luck to you and to Bailey.

  2. SOOOO sorry about your news – hoping for the best! Have absolutely no experience with this, but sending out good positive vibes for Bailey and you all – hope that this is easily managed and that Bailey has many more days of lying in the sunny patches. Kristin

  3. Dear Ted, I have no great medical wisdom to share but wanted to send some positive “vibes” your way in hopes that somehow the universe will pick up on them and dear Bailey will be okay. I’ll be keeping your family close in my thoughts on Monday.

  4. I’m sorry that I don’t have any experience to share but just wanted to say that positive thoughts and hopes are heading in your direction.

  5. oh teds.
    i have no experience with that type of tumor. my zeke had a fatty tumor on his little chest. harmless and benign.
    later they found a large mass in his abdomen. not good.
    but they can do remarkable things now though. and second opinions are always important.
    i am sending love and only positive thoughts for the right outcome. BLESS YOU and little bailey. XO♥

  6. Ted,
    Just wanted to let you know thoughts and prayers are beaming your way. Wishing the best for Bailey our furry friends are part of our families. Debbie

  7. So kind of you Debbie, thank you. Yes, indeed they are. Ted

  8. So kind of you to send Tammy, thank you. XX, Ted

  9. Deb, thank you! Ted

  10. Barb, so kind of you. Many thanks, Ted

  11. Kristin, so sweet of you. Thank you, Ted

  12. Joan, huge thanks for sharing. So happy Gracie is cancer free! It really is all about those clean margins. Merci again, Ted

  13. My daughter’s cat had a similar tumor on her cheek . It was surgically removed and then because my daughter is a nurse she wanted the tumor tested and found out it was non-malignant! The cat is great – has had no further affects!!
    She had to have her whiskers trimmed to fit the face mask for the surgery and the whiskers all grew back. Best of luck!

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