A Very Green Front Door

20151008-030249.jpg We head to Hawthorne on Sunday for a stay that has become our annual October trip to see the Fall colors. Caretaker Bill has been busy finishing up a bunch of tasks before we arrive. You might have noticed from prior post, that Bill is a gem. He takes care of our home as if it is his, and watches after it while we are away so expertly, for which we are forever grateful. On our wish list has always been a green front door to tie in all the other green we used throughout the house. Yesterday was the day it was painted. Oh my word, so happy with the result I could squeal. OK, maybe I actually did. I think we both did. Thought you would all enjoy. Lots of fun Hudson Valley posts in the coming weeks.



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  1. I just saw a video of the fall colors of the Hudson Valley and thought of you. Hope you will share many, many photos with us of your marvelous Hawthorne amidst the glorious fall colors.

  2. It’s easy being green at Hawthorne!

  3. Amazing. The front door is an absolutely perfect green! Would you mind sharing the actual color? Thank you!

  4. That is so pretty Ted it just shouts welcome to our home. Enjoy the fall color and beauty that is the Hudson Valley! Hoping to make at trip at the end of the month. Happy Autumn!

  5. as always…..fabulous!!!!! look forward to more photos and stories about you October trip!!!!!
    have a wonderful time!

  6. absolute

  7. what a glorious green to greet you and yours.

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