Morning Light & Blooms

20151012-095831.jpg We arrived to Ghent last evening, after a smooth day of travel. The Autumn colors turning deeper as we drove north to the Hudson Valley. Woke this morning to amazing light pouring in. This is always a reminder why all those extraordinary painters fled here to paint, the light just magical. I could not wait to go out and snip the remaining hydrangea that have not started to naturally dry on the stem. I love those too, but there were still a few grand buds that needed to be appreciated on this stay. As the house awakens around us, as do we, it welcomes us back with a warm embrace. “Hello house, oh how we have missed you!” is always my welcome as we walk up the stairs when we first arrive.


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  1. Kristin Johnsen

    That hydrangea is spectacular! Once again your good photographic eye has really caught the shape and colors – outstanding!

  2. Love the beautiful green hues. Your store in Seattle is lovely. I was in Saturday with my daughter on that windy day!.
    She loves the Antica Farmacista scent I bought for her. Best regards!!

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