WK Fine Home Holiday Open House, Tomorrow

20151113-045238.jpg Please join us tomorrow, Saturday the 14th of November, as we kick-off the Holidays with our first Open House of the season, at the First & Spring shop. Music will fill the air, candles will be aglow, bubbly & sparkling cider will served, along with Louis Sherry truffles.

Our raffle this year will be for a 2016 Watson Kennedy calendar towel by Le Jacquard Francais. Ten winners in total. I always feel badly that you readers from afar can’t be part of the festivities, so this year, you can take part in the raffle if you would like. Simply leave a comment on this post with a quick answer to what you are most thankful for in this season of thanks & giving, along with your first name, and where you live. I love knowing where you all live! That way you get to feel part of the party.

Seattle artist Jeanne McKay Hartmann will be painting live in store from noon to 4 PM, creating original 4×6 watercolors of Veuve Clicquot bottles just in time for the sparkling season. Each work of art is one of a kind and would be a perfectly festive gift to give this year. If you want one of these lovely creations and can’t make the Open House, give us a ring at the shop at 206.652.8350 either today or tomorrow before 4, and we will have Jeanne paint one for you and we can ship it out.

It will be such a fun day. Hope you can join in the fun! Next Saturday, the 21st, we will be celebrating at the Market shop, so put that on your calendar too.


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  1. I am thankful for the gift of minutes, knowing that every moment, I have the opportunity to begin anew. Fractured moments, melancholy moments, breath-taking and blissful moments, bring them on, they are all part of our uniquely human, personal evolution.

  2. How fun and fabulous for you to include us in your Open House! Glad to be here.
    This holiday season I am striving to live “in the now… The present”. If you are a fellow now person you know the joys and how events and calendars try to supercede this intention. So right now at this given moment “I am thankful for the relaxed morning of lounging on the bed with a stretched out cat in the morning sunbeam”. At this very given moment everything is slowly waking up for the day … And I am grateful.
    Wishing you the best of days!
    Sharon in Colorado

  3. Thankful for stormy days, sitting by the fire, bread baking in the oven, with a loved one close by! Susan, Hansville, WA.

  4. Ted, I live in Atlanta GA, and I am so thankful for each and everyday, for ever person in my life, and my home. God is truly good.

  5. the strength of will of our daughter in starting a new chapter in her life, and the love and honesty in her relationship with her father are the great blessings of 2015
    Los Angeles

  6. most thankful for my family!

    newberg, oregon

  7. Grateful for the beauty of Paris, horrified at the events tonight.
    With best to you at Watson Kennedy
    From Anne in New York City

  8. Wish I could be there with you! I will miss the “Silver Bells” feeling in the air now that I’ve moved from downtown Seattle. My husband and I always loved walking through the store after a great weekend lunch/brunch, especially when the air is crisp. It is so nice to have your blog as a connection to the city that I love. My favorite is to save up a weeks worth of content, sit down with some tea or wine (depending on the time of day) and savor the read. Puts a big smile on my face! Almost like walking through the store (if only you could share the smells)! Thank you for sharing 🙂
    -Janessa, Las Vegas

  9. I am truly thankful for family as I age family gets smaller To be able to gather around the table together for the holidays I feel Blessed Enjoy your blog Have a Great Open House Linda Melz from Mapleton Illinois

  10. I am thankful for the ability to recognize all the blessings in my life before it is too late to appreciate them.

  11. Dear TKW:

    Thanks for the opportunity to think about my blessings. My mother passed away in May at age 89 so the upcoming holidays will be difficult. This year, especially, I am thankful for 52 years of my mom’s unconditional love and support, for wonderful memories and for the comfort of siblings and friends.

    BTW, your blog is a daily treat. The entries remind me that life is good!

    Kit, from Fort Wayne, IN

  12. Hi, my name is Maree. I am thankful for being able to visit Seattle back in October this year for the first time. I so enjoyed visiting the Ted Kennedy Watson store for many hours. What a treat! I live in Chicago.

  13. I am most thankful this season for my family!

    North Carolina

    PS–I always wish I could visit your shop when I see your posts! Certainly one good reason to live on the left coast!

  14. I am grateful for my life. Expecting my first grandson in a few days and first granddaughter in March. Huge health issues but everyone has their challenges in life. Maybe not the right venue but send prayers out to Paris tonight.

  15. Hello Ted,

    Thank you for the invitation to comment and be a part of your Holiday Open House drawing. You know, I would love, love, love to attend and enjoy the treasures you have been gathering throughout the year. Reading your daily posts and getting glimpses of your “favorite things” is a bright spot in my routine.

    It is a delight to thumb through my copy of “Style and Simplicity”. I smile when I read the kind inscription
    you took the time to write when my son requested your autograph on the day I had told him that visiting your shop was number one on my “things to do in Seattle” list while visiting last spring.

    There is so much to be thankful for! High on my list is the love of family and friends and what has been called “the milk of human kindness”.

    Many thanks to you, Ted, for sharing a bit of your world with all of us,
    Salt Lake City

  16. Ted,
    I am there in spirit!!!! I can’t imagine a better way to kick off the holiday season than surrounded by the sights, senses and smells of Watson Kennedy.

    I’m looking at my Veuve bottle painting by Jeanne as I write….a total treasure. I’m so happy she’ll be there today with you adding to the festivities!

    I am most thankful for good health, dear friends and the love of Grant and my sweet boys.
    Cheers to a most wonderful day!
    xoxo Elizabeth (Rye, NY….but you already knew that!) 🙂

  17. In this crazy, hurting world, I am thankful for an oasis like WK; both in the wonderful blog and in rare visits to Seattle where I can slowly wander through the store, inspired by the mix of aesthetics and personal vision in the wares, and then to find a treasure that will fit in my suitcase for the trip home to Texas.

  18. This year, I am thankful for my health which is improving after many difficulties. I enjoyed visiting WK during my first trip to Seattle in Spring 2014. -Maureen, Mount Arlington, NJ

  19. I am thankful for another year of health for my loved ones, and that we will soon be celebrating the holidays again. I. From Tacoma, and visit your stores as often as I can.

  20. I am so grateful for my wonderful life, i am so blessed by my family and life long friends!! also my wonderful and loyal dog Dash. This year i have discovered a creative streak in myself that makes me feel personally satisfied!!

    beaux Arts Village. WA

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