Ted’s Tip No. 49

20151125-050828.jpg If polishing silver is what deters you from having cherished family silver pieces out & about for visual enjoyment, then let them tarnish. Enjoy the patina it takes on. But have it out, use it, love it. They will bring back such fond memories of travels, family & gatherings.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more…

  2. The Silver Rule According To My Mother: Always blindlingly polished for the table, but when decorating, it’s much more interesting to see a patina, that lovely blue-brown of age and fond rememberances. I have sailing trophies dating from 1924 that I arrange in an open fretwork silver (also unpolished) bowl in my kitchen. They’re placed on top of a boldly-colored covered book on African textiles, and sit next to a Herend cat and an antique zinc Mumm’s champagne bucket filled with lavendar. Next to them, I have a watercolor painting of an ancient Japanese warrior and two tall handblown modern glass pieces from the Pilchuck School.

    I love to combine the old and the new, different periods, and different ethnicities in my homes. I owned interiors stores/art galleries for more than 30 years in the Seattle area, and your store is as close to my style in my shops than I’ve ever seen. You have a wonderful eye for design and buying. I bet we could swap some very funny retail stories! I’m so glad I found you! PS If I see one more blue and white beach house, I’m going to scream!

  3. MY Mother’s Rule For Silver: Always blindlingly polished on the table, but around your home, the patina which gives the silver that lovely brownish-green tint lends a feeling of warmth. My antique silver sailing trophies nestle in a open fretwork silver bowl which is sitting on a large art book about African textiles. Next to that I have a Herend figurine, a watercolor of a Japanese warrior, a zinc Mumm’s champagne bucket filled with lavendar and eucalyptus and two blown glass pieces from the Pilchuck school. I can see that you love to mix it up, too!

    I owned a group of home decor/art galleries around the Puget Sound area for more than 30 years, and your stores are very close in look and display to my stores, so I’ve found my new favorite store in Seattle! I’m staying at my Oregon coast home right now, but when I get back to my home in Gig Harbor, I’ll plan a trip to your store. You have a great eye for buying and design. Cheers and Happy Holidays! Victoria

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