Taking a Moment

20160206-084727.jpg This week-end, take a moment and just stop for a second. Take a nice long breath in, and a nice long exhale out. Look around you at the details–of the wall, the flowers, the floor, the tabletop, wherever your eye lands. It will slow you down, center you, and put you right in the moment. Repeat as often as you like for a little refresher. The above one of those moments yesterday for me. I stood looking at this dreamy tin wall & ceiling for minutes, locked in the moment. It felt so good…


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  1. Love this, mind sharing where you are?

  2. Where is this tin wall and ceiling?

  3. It is–SO pretty!

  4. It is at a shop in Hudson, New York called Rural Residence. Is divine. If you are ever in the area, you must stop in.

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