A Week-end Full of Hearts

20160213-055402.jpg As we would ring customers through with their purchases yesterday, I would say good-bye with a, “Have a lovely Valentine week-end!” I think Valentine’s Day is so much more than just the focus on an individual you love. I have always taken it to be a time of love and showing it to all those around you that you care for.

20160213-055923.jpg This might stem from the days when I was little and you gave everyone in your class a Valentine card. I would come home from school with a slew of cards and it always made me so happy.

20160213-060128.jpg In our world where loving one another is so often not the focus, let’s revel in this. This week-end, and really every day. This is just a great starting point. To show caring, kindness and love.

20160213-060805.jpg Sending you all the happiest Valentine’s Day wishes and tons of love. You are all my Valentine…

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  1. So enjoy your posts….. A year and a half ago I wandered into your shop and asked if among your chart maps you ever have one of Vashon. Of course, I got this great response of- really? We live on Vashon, and her husband manages the produce at the Thriftway! I had meandered through your shop and stumbled upon a lovely book of Poems of the Sea. As I opened it, I thought… Yes! That’s what I will name our new retreat on Burton beach “Southwind” as I read the poem The Storm, or perhaps “Southward” which is the direction we face. My mother was British, so all our homes are named. Of course, this got another response of- really? Our home is called Westward. I was informed about your wonderful daily blog. Then began my love affair with the tidbits you share through your posts of beauty, kindness, pauses to appreciate, the joy of simple shared dishes prepared with love, and the appreciation of what brought the simple pure food to your table.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you from Burton 😉

  2. Pam, you made my day–thank you! What a lovely, lovely comment. Merci. Thanks for following along, Ted

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