A Simple Week-Night Dinner

Having guests over during the week for dinner requires a little extra planning & prep, but the reward can be so great. I had my old college friend Jackie over for dinner last eve. Her husband is away on business and Mister Sive is on a ski trip with his siblings. It would be a fun time to chat and catch up, share a meal, and laugh like crazy as we always do. Setting the table in advance and grocery shopping days before make having a mid-week dinner guest over a joy instead of a stressor. For this table a grocery store orchid would take center stage. I am always amazed at how well priced they are and how long they last. This one I picked up a few weeks before we left for New York and it is still going strong. Sparkling water and wine at the table so we could just talk and not have to get up during the meal. A William Yeoward decanter our latest acquisition, I picked up at Gump’s when in San Francisco awhile back for the Fancy Food Show. Lit a few scattered votives, served a super easy salmon dish, and it was a delightful evening shared with an old friend.






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  1. Thank you for this post Ted. I have just inherited a large number of decanters after the recent passing of my Father In Law and had been at a loss as to what to do with them given my husband was not keen to put our spirits into decanters. Adding them to our everyday dining use for water and other non-alcoholic refreshments will give them a purpose AND allow us to think of Dad when we use them on a regular basis. Much appreciated!

  2. Might you be willing to share your recipe for the super easy salmon? All of your recipes rock!

  3. Hi Brad! Will be a post in the coming weeks as I have now made it enough times I feel comfortable writing about it. Will be worth the wait:) Thanks for following along, Ted

  4. I LOVE that idea! So happy you are enjoying it and that it brings back fond memories. Thanks for following along, Ted

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